Parrillo Weiss & O'Halloran

Firm Profile

Parrillo Weiss LLC provides full service representation. We are an aggressive firm of trial lawyers that specialize in defense and insurance-related litigation while maintaining a healthy balance of plaintiff personal injury and other cases.


Over 45 years ago, PWLLC was founded as a specialty law firm to maintain a limited clientele of non-standard insurers. The consistency of our verdicts and settlements, however, has attracted a number of carriers who have grown weary of overpaying on suspect claims. As a result, our client list now includes a diverse group of insurance carriers, and we maintain a full compliment of trial attorneys in our Chicago, Boca Raton and Tempe offices.

Our trial lawyers are experienced in general negligence, declaratory actions, commercial litigation, premises liability, product liability, defamation, uninsured motorist claims, fire claims, dram shop claims and binding and non-binding arbitration. PWLLC averages in excess of 150 jury verdicts per year, as well as countless settlements. Our trial results have precipitated a reputation of tenacious resolve, which in turn allows many of our insurers to settle cases in the claim stage; most plaintiffs will begrudgingly accept a meager settlement rather than the verdict which will follow our appearance. Further, in those matters in which PWLLC has appeared, even those settlements made on the eve of trial are considered by the legal community to be favorable to our clients.


PWLLC has long been able to provide our clients with substantial cost-saving measures and has implemented a variety of different billing alternatives, each tailored to meet our clients’ needs so that claims may be defended without fear of excessive litigation costs. Depending upon the nature of the case, PWLLC accepts assignments on hourly, flat fee, retainer, contingency and other negotiated arrangements. In a legal community that is traditionally inflexible in its use of hourly billing (which in turn results in excessive attorney fees) PWLLC offers quality, cost effective litigation.


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